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Silvano Zocchio

The future always has a past.

Illustration of Silvano Zocchio’s creative path, who has been on technical and artistic learning path since he was young. Very early over his long career, he created exclusive haute couture Fashion, ready-to-wear, high creativity, spread of fur and leather creations

Silvano has started a period of a tailoring apprenticeship: he immediately began technical processes that, for a short time, were predominant, such as mathematical applications that today are used at the basis of technologies.

Still very young, Silvano met Jole Veneziani, the first true creator of Italian haute couture for clothing and fur, who allowed him to create and complete High Fashion item. First approach to fur.

His tailoring experience continued, especially when he met the great French house Dior e Balenciaga. He opened an atelier in Rome in the ‘60s with international clientele, and created fur with stylistic and tailoring criteria until the military period. He obtained enrollment in the National Chamber for French Fashion, intended for a small number of Italians.

In the ’70s he created the company “Silvano Modelli” which become “Creazioni Silvano”.

After the COMISPEL fair he become a reference all over the world for supplying paper patterns for fur and leather and sheepskin clothing. For years Silvano has been the designer for Lineapelle for Italian tanneries and has represented Italy at Modeurop, the certification organization for all European countries.

Silvano realizes that processing with fire and laser can etch designs on fur and leather for that reason he creates patterns that are greatly widespread.

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